Digests grease that causes blockages, over flows and odours in drains, grease traps and lift stations.

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Product Description

BAC-T-CLEAN with its pleasant herbal odors is a liquid bioformulation designed specifically for difficult grease applications. Bac-T-clean contains a highly concentrated blend of specialized microorganisms combined with biological support ingredients and essential growth factors. This revolutionary mixture provides accelerated microbial germination and growth to enhance degradation of oils, fats and greases in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. It is particularly beneficial in applications where enzymes are restricted or prohibited.

. Designed for grease biodegradation
. Innovative inhibitory, germination and growth system
. No added enzymes
. 3 to 6 times the organisms in competitive products
. Enhanced aerobic and anaerobic performance
. Blocks odor production from naturally occurring bacteria

Where Used
Bac-T-Clean is engineered to rapidly ingest oils, greases and fats under various conditions without the need for added enzymes.
Bac-T-Clean is also specifically designed to block the production of odour by naturally occurring bacterial populations. This bioformulation reduces the production of malodorous gases, such as H2S, associated with anaerobic conditions in grease traps, lift stations and sewage tanks. It breaks down the uric acid in urine to eliminate associated odour. Good in rest rooms especially on and around urinals.

We also supply a Dispenser to automatically feed the correct dosage into the system at a specific time daily.


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