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Product Description

BIOCIDE is a ready-to-use liquid pyrethrum based insecticide for spraying and surface applications. To kill flies, mosquitoes, roaches, waterbugs, fleas, silverfish, exposed stages of flour weevils, grain beetles and meal moths and spiders that come in contact with the product

Recommended to industrial and food processing plants, hotels, motels, seed houses, warehouses, kennels, etc.

KNOCKS DOWN’ FLYING INSECTS — Quickly knocks down and kills, flies, mosquitoes, small flying moths, and gnats when applied as a space spray.
CONTROLS CRAWLING INSECTS — Boosted for extra effectiveness against such pests as roaches, water-burgs, crickets and ants.
SYNERGIZED FORMULA — More effective against a greater variety of insects than ordinary synthetic formulas
NON-RESIDUAL — Breaks down rapidly after application and leaves no toxic residues or by­products.