Biocool 1300

Residual air condition coil cleaner for units cleaned in-doors.

Product Description

BIOCOOL 1300 is a self rinsing cooler and chiller coil renovator.

Where used

Biocool 1300 is widely used as a coil renovator and filter adhesive for cooling coils in wall units and remote cooling units in ceilings as well as refrigeration chilling units.



. Reduces Labor Dollars– BIOCOOL 1300’s no rinse feature saves costly labor time.

On location renovating. BIOCOOL 1300 allows units to be renovated without moving from their permanent location.

. Controls Odors – BIOCOOL 1300 aids in controlling odors associated with air conditioning filters. BIOCOOL 1300 effectively eliminates and removes rancid or oily deposits on filters. Non corrosive. BIOCOOL 1300 is non- caustic and non-acid. It can be safely used on aluminium, copper, steel and plastics used in air conditioning equipment.

. Safe in food processing areas – BIOCOOL 1300 non toxic feature makes it safe in food processing areas.

. Increases Chiller Efficiency – BIOCOOL 1300 leaves no residue to cut oil

efficiency. BIOCOOL 1300 works faster and cleans and penetrates deeper to increase chiller efficiency.

. Versatile – UseBIOCOOL 1300  as a filter cleaner and adhesive. It is ideal for restoring permanent type filters to a like new state. As a filter adhesive,

BIOCOOL 1300 provides a mesh work of tackiness that entraps particles too

small to be captured by the filter itself. This results in drastically reduced

recirculation of dirt, dust and other foreign matter. A quick spray is all that is necessary to clear the filter.