Biocool 1600

Product Description

Biocool 1600 is an industrial strength condenser coil and fin renovator. Biocool 1600 restores peak capacity to all types of air conditioning and heating units by cutting through accumulated grease and grime on condenser coils and fins, allowing them to be rinsed clean. Biocool 1600 is also effective on heat pumps, fans, permanent type filters, and electrostatic filters.


  • Safe – Biocool 1600 is safe to use on most surfaces. It will not tarnish aluminium
    or corrode other metals.
  • No Residues – Biocool 1600 leaves no harmful residues after rinsing.
  • Economical – Biocool 1600 works best when diluted.
  • Fast Acting – Biocool 1600 is a complex blend of powerful surface active agents,
    degreasers, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and water conditioners cut through.
    grease and grime quickly and leaves behind a clean, corrosion resistant surface.
  • Keeps air conditioning and heating units running at peak efficiency.
  • Rinse easily with water – leaves no residue.