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Product Description

BIOFOG is a safe, economical highly concentrated insecticide, specifically formulated for thermal fogging device to control the exposed stages of roaches, weevils infesting stored products, silverfish, flies, mosquitoes, as well as certain moths and their larvae that attach grain and grain products.

Biofog is used by institutions, schools, food plants, food storage warehouses, hotels, cafeterias,refuse areas, department stores, bakeries, bottling plants, grain mills, wholesale groceries, elevators, restaurants, trash dumps, and all other areas where insects congregate or breed.

. Powerful — 100% active
. Double synergists to improve killing action.
. Suitable for use around food handling establishments and processing
plants. Kills flies, mosquitoes, roaches and ants.
. Low toxicity to humans and warm blooded animals.
. Biodegradable