Bionic 50

Product Description

BIONIC 50 is specifically designed to remove fats and grease deposits from ovens, ranges, deep fat fryers, filters, hoods, and all other kitchen working surfaces. BIONIC 50 is used in all areas where food is cooked or processed: restaurants, hospitals and school kitchens, nursing homes, camps, day care centers, etc.

. NONTOXIC – 100% safe for use in food preparation and processing areas: it is not
necessary to cover or remove food from the area( normal care should be taken to avoid spilling or spraying directly on foods): contains no acidic ingredients: mild odor cannot sour delicate sauces or discolour light-coloured spreads.

. POWERFUL – Penetrants quickly cut through the heaviest grease buildups.

. REDUCES RISKS – Drastically cuts the risk of dangerous grease fire flare ups
when used on a regular basis.

. SAVES TIME – It is not necessary to cool down ovens or ranges before cleaning:
penetrating powers are enhanced by heat up to 200 degrees F (93 degrees C);
replaces difficult, time consuming scrubbing.

. CONTAINS CORROSION INHIBITORS – Reduces risk of corrosion where water is
carelessly used on unpainted metals.

. NONFLAMMABLE – Cannot support combustion at ay temperature: completely
safe for use near open flames such as range tops and gas pilot lights.

In all types of industrial and institutional operations where food fats and grease
are a problem.