Product Description

BIOPINE is a natural product and does not contain synthetic ingredients such as Chlorinated Phenols. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating and will not injure body tissue. It is instantly soluble in water forming a milky white emulsion which does not separate upon standing and makes a powerful disinfectant against the E.Typhosa germ (Typhoid) as well as many other disease-producing bacteria that causes epidemics.
BIOPINE not only disinfects but also deodorizes all in one operation. It possesses powerful cleaning properties and has a refreshing fragrant aroma of the pine forests. Our special filtration methods and the use of a refined emulsifier produced an exceptionally light golden color with sparkling clarity.

Where Used
BIOPINE is used for disinfecting of floors, walls, musty basements, sinks, bathrooms, toilets, urinals, outhouses, stables, kennels, coops, garbage receptacles, cuspidors or and surface in order to prevent the spread of bacteria.