Liquid drain opener.

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Product Description

BIOTHERM is a powerful, professional drain solvent designed to dissolve all organic obstructions on contact. BIOTHERM contains fast acting Diethylthiourea.

Opens Clogged Drains Fast – goes to work immediately to dissolve common organic stoppages just as grease, sanitary napkins, coffee grounds, soap paper, cloths, lint, cigarette butts and petroleum grease; foreign material not dissolved by BIOTHERM dissolves the organic “blinders”.
Restores shrinking Drain Pipe Diameter – Drain pipes build up grease deposits, soap films, soft scale, and slime and loose their efficiency; drain pipes can become slow or actual stop; regular applications of BIOTHERM remove these deposits and eliminate the shrinkage in traps, cross pipes, elbows, and other areas near the drain openings.
Will not harm pipes – Unique solventaction works only on organic matter, will not deteriorate copper, steel or PVC pipes and fittings or rubber hardware within the system; will not affect septic tank operation; is netralised when mixed with large volumes of drain water.
Environmentally Safe – Does not add harmful nutrients or poisons to the environment.
Concentrated Power – BIOTHERM’s ingredients weigh twice as much water and this weight carries BIOTHERM to the source of stoppage with little loss of effectiveness source of stoppage with little loss of effectiveness.
Specially Engineered Packaging – Research tested for safety; specially designed closure cap and high impact container virtually eliminate leakage risk.

Where Used
In commercial kitchens, apartment complexes, industrial plants, hotels and motels, schools, food processing plants, etc.


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