Bowl Safe

Product Description

BOWL SAFE is a chemical renovator and disinfectant for use on toilet bowls and urinals.
BOWL SAFE quickly removes heavy stains from the most abused bowls and urinals; even hard water scales is quickly dissolved.

Penetrates quickly – Penetrates 4 times faster than ordinary bowl renovators to attack scale, lime and rust films.
Deodorizes – In most cases, even in heavy usage areas, BOWL SAFE deodorizing power eliminates the need for additional deodorants.
Bleaches – Contains bleaching agents to remove yellow stains from white surfaces.
Goes Beyond Surface Cleaning – When unit is flushed, the cleaning and disinfecting ingredients remove scale deposits on pipe and help destroy od – producing bacteria.

In schools, hotel/motels, nursing homes, office buildings, public buildings, amusement buildings, etc. That have the problem of thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting toilet bowls and urinals.