Citrus Power

Product Description

CITRUS POWER is a concentrated all purpose cleaner with a pleasant orange fragrance. This formulation contains no petroleum distillates, no free alkalis or halides and no hazardous ingredients. Designed to degrease and deodorize floors, kitchen counters, appliances and other surfaces.

CITRUS POWER removes tyre marks, printing inks and crayon marks.
CITRUS POWER removes grease, oils and soils from concrete.
CITRUS POWER cleans and degreases garbage bins and removes soap scum.
CITRUS POWER controls maladors.


  • Pure and natural orange oils dissolve and remove odors.
  • Mild and contains anionic and nonionic detergents, citrus and citrate cleaning
  • Fast – acting. Contains a unique penetrating agent, which lifts dirt out of crevices.
  • Emulsifies grease, oil and animal fats.
  • Food Safe.