Product Description

DELIGHT is a full bodied, pink, lotionized liquid hand soap formulated to clean as well as soften and moisturize hands. DELIGHT has a fresh, clean fragrance an produces luxurious lather.


  • RICH LATHER – Produces a thick, luxurious lather when worked onto the hands.
  • CONCENTRATED – A small amount from the dispenser is sufficient to clean.
  • NO ALCOHOL – Contains no alcohols to dry the skin.
  • MOISTURIZERS – Contains special ingredients to moisturize sensitive skin.
  • “FEELS” GREAT – Imparts a clean, soft “feel” to the hands.
  • HARD WATER EFFECTIVE – Performs as well in hard as in soft water areas.

Where Used
Formulated to clean light soils from the hands, while it conditions the skin in the rest rooms of offices, lounges, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, buses, trains, airplanes, ships and airports.