Loosen Up

Product Description

LOOSEN UP is a penetrating blend of lubricants, solvents, and corrosion inhibitors specifically developed to free bolts and parts.

NONFLAMMABLE — LOOSEN UP’s non-flammable formulation allows application to hot parts
such as automotive exhaust manifolds, muffler bolts, and head bolts without danger of fire.
LOOSEN UP can be used safely after torch heating.
Quickly Frees Frozen Parts — LOOSEN UP quickly penetrates and lubricates frozen parts for easy
Retards Future Corrosion — LOOSEN UP imparts a thin film of high-strength oil to help prevent
and retard future corrosion.
Controlled Rate of Evaporation — LOOSEN UP’s blend of penetrating agents slows down the rate of evaporation and ensures lasting power and deeper wetting of corroded joints.
Safe To Skin — LOOSEN UP, when used as directed, will not irritate skin.

Where used
LOOSEN UP is used to free frozen nuts, bolts, fittings, hinges, starters, shackles, distributors, mufflers, lock mechanisms, battery terminals, elevators, and air conditioning and heatingequipment.