Oil Spill Remover

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Product Description

Liquid solvent oil spill remover, emulsifier, and detergent. Consists of aliphatic solvents, detergents, and emulsifiers.

SELF-EMULSIFYING – Mixes readily and rinses freely with fresh or salt water steam. Forms and extremely stable, milky emulsions.
DEGREASES – Cuts and dissolves grease, bottom oils, waxes, tars, and other petroleum residues.
DISPERSES FLOATING OIL – Emulsifies floating oil, allowing it to be rapidly dispersed by wind and wave action. Does not cause the oil to sink.
HARMLESS TO METAL – Will not corrode any metal. Safe to use on many paints (test before using), wood and other surfaces.
BIODEGRADABLE – Contains only biodegradable emulsifiers and detergents