Res Q Tabs

Product Description

RESQTAB is a blend of odortech oils in a solid tablet. Resqtab is a quick acting, safe and powerful air freshener product for use in any airflow system. As air flows over the RESQTABS, the odor neutralizing compounds are distributed throughout the ambient air. The active ingredients in RESQTAB combine with the odor producing molecules to neutralize objectionable odors and leave the air with a fresh light feeling. Each RESQTAB is individually sealed for freshness. To simplify installation, each RESQTAB is contained in a semi permeable membrane pouch with a convenient hanging string.
RESQTAB safely and effectively eliminated indoor odors caused by smoking, pets, cooking, mustiness and most other malodors. Resqtab may be used in air handling units, air intake fans, cold air return vents or, simply hung in a room or space where continuous odor elimination is desired.

Where used
RESQTAB can be used in all indoor areas where daily odor elimination is needed, such as offices, hotels, conference and rest rooms, healthcare facilities, restaurants and lounges. Resqtabs also combats the malodors associated with dumpsters, trash collection and garbage areas.


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